China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition 2023

Time:23-25 Aug.2023 Add:China·Shanghai

Countdown to exhibition days
Exhibition Introduction
  • Uniqueness:

    Aromatherapy exhibition is the only professsional exhibition to show the whole industry chain of aromatic industry in China.

  • International exhibitors:

    The 2021 aromatherapy exhibition have more than 100 kinds of aromatic products and more than 30 international brands from Germany, France, the United States, Australia, Italy, Japan, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, Morocco, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The number of brands is over 40%.

  • Professional audience:

    The 2020 aromatherapy exhibition attracted domestic and foreign daily chemical industry、medical and health care enterprises、food and beverage processing enterprises、high-grade hotel clubs、health management doctors、aromatherapy teachers and the direction of cultural media organizations,such as more than 10000 professional purchasser attending the exhibitiion.

  • International guest speaker:

    The 2020 aromatherapy exhibition will invite the aromatherapy industry experts from the United States,India,South Korea,Britain,China to the exhibition to share their achievements and research achievements in the field.

  • The exhibition area is clear:

    The 2020 aromatherapy exhibition features nine exhibition areas,namely,Aromatic plants ultivation and tourism,Equipment&packages,Essential oil and aromatherapy,Natural fragrance and essence and application,Pure herbal cleansing products,Health management,Aromatherapy,Koudou culture and Media Assoication and Cultural Institution.The exhibition area is set up to cover the entire aromatic industrial chain.

  • Activity is abundant:

    During the exhibition,more than 50 forums and special sessions will be held,including the summit forum on the development of Chinese aromatic industries,in the community of business wealth,the conference on new products and technologies.Enhanced interaction between exhibitors and visitors.

  • Exhibiting Products Category

    *(1)Aromatic plants cultivation and tourism

    Aromatic garden/Aromatic theme real estate/Seedling/Garden Tools/Technological service and 、support/Organic fertilizers/Plant factory equipment/Aromatic Bonsai etc.; 

     *(2)Equipment & packages

    Dryer/Distilling equipment/tanks/packaging equipment and materials/Lab devices/Super-critical CO2 extract equipment/Sub-critical extract equipment/Aroma diffuser/Hotel diffusing equipment/Essential oil bottle and tools;

     *(3)Essential oil and aromatherapy

    Essential oils/Synergy essential oils/Vegetable oils/TCM oils/Blend oils/Absolute/Flower tinctures/Essential oil novelties/aromatherapy ;  

    *(4)Space Fragrance and equipment

    Large-scale Aroma spreading equipment/Household perfumer/Space Environment Fragrance design, etc.

    *(5)Natural fragrance and essence and application       

    Natural fragrance for beverages/Natural medicinal materials/Natural fragrance for cosmetics/natural addictive for animal feed;

    *(6)Pure herbal cleansing products

    Pure herbal cleansing and related/Natural perfume/Essential oil soap and tools /DIY etc.

    *(7)Health management

    Herbal tea/Organic nutrition supplement/Health management clinic/Beauty and healthcare appliance and accessary etc.;  


    Aromatherapy school/Research institution/Aromatherapy workshop/Aromatherapy for Mom and Baby/Aromatherapy for pets /Aromatic care /Seniors care/Hospice etc.; 

    *(9)Koudou culture             

    Natural incense materials and products/Koudou tools and related/Traditional Koudou and incense products/Various incenses/Incense holder and container/Creative Koudou Cultural products/Koudou show; 

    *(10)Media, Association and Cultural Institution

    News media/Aromatic media platform/Journal/Chamber and Association.


Cosmetic companies,    2487   20.50%    

professional theaters   776    6.40%    

Aromatherapy division    3991    32.90%    

Hotels, Clubs    437    3.60%    

processing enterprises for food and beverage   522    4.30%    

Health care products business    486   4.00%    

Pharmaceuticals    255    2.10%    

Hospital    243    2.00%    

Scientific research institutes   352    2.90%    

Tobacco processing enterprise    37    0.30%    

Health management    776   6.40%    

Exercise and fitness    73   0.60%    

Cultural communication organization   752    6.20%    

Home   291  2.40%    

Media    206   1.70%    

Mother and Baby Center    206   1.70%    

Pet Center   61    0.50%    

Elderly Care Center   84    0.70%    

Zero Resistance Agriculture    97    0.80%    

Auto 4S    61    0.50%    

E-Commerce    1201   9.90%    

Raw materials merchant    279    2.30%    

Ordinary audience    2123    17.50%    

Other    534   4.40%