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Welcome to register as a fragrance exhibition user.
Please read the following agreement carefully, and only accept the agreement can we continue to register.

1. confirmation and acceptance of terms of service
Fragrance shows the ownership and operation right of user service. The services provided by the fragrance exhibition will be strictly enforced in accordance with the relevant articles of association, terms of service and rules of operation. The user clicks the "I agree" button through the registration procedure, which means that the user has reached an agreement with the exhibition and accepts all the terms of service.

2. fragrance Exhibition Service
The exhibition provides news and article browsing, picture browsing, software downloading, online message and BBS forum services through the Internet.
User agrees:
1) provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data.
2) constantly updating the registration materials in line with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All original keyed information will be cited as registered information.
3) The user agrees to abide by the laws, regulations and implementation measures of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of State Secrets, the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Safety and Protection of Computer Information Systems and the Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software. In any case, the exhibition reasonably considers that the user's behavior may violate the above laws and regulations. The exhibition may terminate its service to the user at any time without prior notice. Users should be aware of the borderless nature of the Internet and should pay special attention to compliance with all relevant local laws and regulations.

3. modification of terms of service
Aromatherapy exhibitions modify the terms of service from time to time. Once the terms of service have changed, they will prompt for changes in the relevant pages. If you agree to change, click the "I agree" button again. If you do not accept it, cancel your user qualification in time.

4. Service Amendment
The fragrance exhibition reserves the right to modify or discontinue services at any time without knowing the user's rights. The fragrance exhibition exercises the right to modify or discontinue services, and it does not need to be responsible to users or third parties.

5. user privacy system
Respecting the privacy of users is the basic policy of aromatherapy. The exhibition will not disclose, edit or disclose user registration information unless required by law or on the basis of good faith, it is considered necessary to disclose such information in the following three circumstances:
1) abide by the relevant laws and regulations and comply with the legal service procedures.
2) maintain the trademark ownership of the fragrance exhibition.
3) in an emergency situation, we should strive to protect the privacy and safety of users and the public.
4) meet other relevant requirements.

6. user accounts, passwords and security
Once the registration is successful, you will get a password and account number. If you do not keep your account and password safe, you will be fully responsible for the consequences. In addition, each user is fully responsible for all activities and events in his account. You can always change your password according to the instructions, or you can terminate the old account and reopen a new account. The user agrees to notify the exhibition immediately if any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities is found.

7. exemption clause
Users explicitly agree that the use of Web services is user risk.
Aroma exhibition does not make any kind of guarantee, no guarantee service will meet the user's requirements, no guarantee service will not be interrupted, the timeliness of the service, security, errors do not guarantee. The user understands and accepts that the reliability of any information obtained through aromatic exhibition services depends on the user himself, who assumes all risks and responsibilities.

8. limited liability
The fragrance exhibition is irresponsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages.

9. do not provide retail and commercial services.
The right of users to use web services is personal. Users can only be a single individual, rather than a company or entity commercial organization. Users promise not to use the website service for sale or other commercial purposes without the consent of the fragrance exhibition.

10. user responsibility
Users are solely responsible for the transmission of content. Users must follow:
1) the transmission of technical data from China must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China.
2) use website services for illegal purposes.
3) do not interfere with or confuse network services.
4) do not publish any political information in forum BBS or guestbook.
5) comply with all web protocol, rules, procedures and practices that use web services.
6) The station shall not be used to endanger national security, disclose state secrets, or infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the collective of the state and the citizens.
7) it is not allowed to make, copy and disseminate the following information by using this station:
1, incitement to resist or damage the implementation of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations.
2, inciting subversion of state power and overthrowing the socialist system;
3, inciting division of state and undermining national unity;
4, inciting national hatred, national discrimination and undermining national unity;
5, fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors and disturbing social order;
6, advocating feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, and abetting crime.
7, openly insulting others or fabricating facts to slander others or engage in other malicious attacks.
8, damage to the credibility of state organs;

9, other violations of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations;

10. Conduct commercial advertising.
Users are not allowed to transmit any information that incites others to commit a criminal act; they are not allowed to transmit information that is not conducive to long-term domestic conditions and involves national security; and they are not allowed to transmit any information that does not conform to local, national and international laws. Illegal access to other computer systems without permission is prohibited. If the user's behavior does not meet the above requirements, the fragrance exhibition will cancel the user service account.

11. ownership of website content
The definition of aromatic exhibition includes: text, software, sound, photographs, videos, charts; all content in advertising; all content of e-mail; commercial information provided by aromatic Exhibition for users. All these are protected by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use the content under the authorization of fragrance exhibitions and advertisers, and can not copy, tamper with the content, or create content-related products.

12. additional information services
While enjoying the free service provided by the Aroma Exhibition, the users agree to accept all kinds of additional information services provided by the Aroma Exhibition.

13. right of interpretation
The right of interpretation of this registration agreement is owned by the fragrance exhibition. If any of the provisions contravene the relevant laws of the State, the express provisions of the national law shall prevail.